Monday, March 19, 2012

How to use Accessories to Burst IDK What to Wear Monday

Stolen from the guys and used to hold up your pants, these handy pieces of leather work splendidly around the waist also! Every fashionista should own at least a basic belt, a coloured belt, and a skinny belt. Seriously.  

A simple outfit with an added touch of the belt really finishes it off.

Statement Necklace.
It may seem like a simple piece of jewelry, but try basing your outfit around how to really accent it and you have yourself a fantastic outfit. Bib Necklaces and long necklaces work best to steal the show.

Perfect example on how a necklace and make even a black tank pop

Although here its record breaking temperatures, you will still see me sometime soon with my favorite purple. plaid scarf. Its nice and big that it acts as a major component in an outfit and not simply an accessory. 

white shirt+jeans+textured coloured scarf?? SCORE!!

Heels/Look at Me Shoes
Usually used to 'finish' or 'complete' the outfit, switch it up and give your tooties the spotlight! Even adding heels to a sweat top and jeans make it classy. Tried and Tested.

sweater+skirt+bright heels. 
I got my next shopping outfit picked. And will be using..tomorrow :)

Hope this helps! I may need to look at this again next time I complain I don't have anything to wear..

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