Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lazy Outfit/Vaseline Nails

The Perfect Lazy Day Outfit 

Well. I finally got a job! A drive-thru cashier at Country Style! You may not be laughing, but my boyfriend is. And my mother. And sister... It may be surprising, but I am a lazy bum. The kind that, if I could, would live in my bed. So for me, this outfit is perfect. A thermal shirt that was probably lying on the floor, my favorite plaid patterned scarf, jeans, and Uggs. Best part? Hair up in a pony and no one suspecting its second day hair. Or worse ;) 


Does Using Vaseline Help Paint my Nails?

 I'm a Pinterest freak, so when I saw this little trick I had to give it a go to see if it really worked. I decided to test it with one of my first nail polishes (Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in 270 "Lacey Lilac").


Using a Q-Tip, covered one end with Vaseline.


Covered skin around nail with Vaseline smothered Q-Tip


Ensured there was no Vaseline on the nail and removed any found


Painted nail. The Vaseline made it impossible to paint anywhere but the nail.

  • Great for in a hurry and needing it done FAST
  • Makes it much easier to do the right hand with confidence
  • Saves you from pulling out the nail polish remover and risking removing paint on nail
  • Everyday beauty product 

  • Chance that a piece or strand of the cotton gets painted in on the nail (image above)
  • Sides of nails are hard to do!!
  • Just as time consuming as nail polish remover

Over all?



My verdict is it is best done only at the top and bottom of the nail. It does help with right hand but personally I would never use this method every time.

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