Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cute/Finding Your LBD

How to find YOUR perfect LBD (little black dress)

So I just recently bought a new LBD after growing out of my old one and I thought I'd highlight a few things that should be watched for when buying one and tips I wish I was told.

When you find a black dress you think is THE ONE (just like a guy, there is one that matches you), the dress has to be judged. Here are a few points to look at:
  1. Does it flatter your shape?
  2. Can it is transitioned from day to night?
  3. How durable is the material?
So let's look more closely into these questions..

1. Does it flatter your figure?

If You're Tall- Because of your crazy amazing long legs, you can really play with your dress and find cute cuts and designs and have fun with it! 

         One shoulder draped cut           interesting cut and texture    
                 (found here)                             (found here)

If You're Curvy- Keeping the dress classy is a must to really accent your curves. Find one with V-neck.scoop opening, or a clenched waist. Quarter sleeves and knee lengths are a must, because with your woman figure showing right through, it can be seen as too much or over the top with a short dress and no sleeves. 

            Empire clenched waist line                  Adele nails it with deep cut embellish
(found here)                          (found here)

If you're Petite- Because of your tiny features, its best not to do anything too extreme, like the tall gals. Find one that is well fitted on top, and flows effortlessly at the bottom. Also, embellishment and texture bring out the small features you have. Stick to short dresses and short sleeves for your figure can get swallowed up in the dress.

                                        Embellished, textured, short                  lots of texture and tiny
                                                    (found here)                                    (found here)


#2. Can it be Transitioned from Day to Night?
Its good to have one party dress, and one dress that can go from the party to the next day and back again! These super changing dresses can't be too bold or extreme, and must have a lady factor to it. 

              Day (found here)                                                             and Night (found here)

Check this slideshow out for ideas to jazz your dress up!


last question! ( Yes I'm sorry this is a long post but I think its really important!)
#3.How Durable is the Material?
When looking at the dress, and before trying it on, give it a stretch. Now don't rip it but see how much it can take. Also, is it thick? Will it be too hot to wear in the summer or too thin to wear in the summer? Is it too tight around the neck and sleeves? Is the length appropriate encase of spillage and needing to cut off?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself. Why? A black dress (expecially one going from day to night), should be practically perfect for you and be able to last a long time and many wears. 

When you try it on, make sure there is a mirror so you can see where it hits at key points. The neckline, hips, shoulders, and waist. They should accent these features. Does the dress move with you or is it stiff and rigid? 

Hopefully you found this very useful and as fun as I had making it and of course there will be more to come!! thanks again for stopping by and comment with your favorite tip!

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