Monday, April 29, 2013

Mint is the big Spring hint

Finally the sun is out and tan season has begun! I picked this dress up at Walmart for $10! This dress is definitely going to be my dress of the summer! For the cover up, I've worn it quite a few times but probably the first time this year. The shoes are SPRING that I bought a few years ago and still love to bits. The necklace was my Nana's which she gave to me a year ago. 

Other mint dresses!

92570-1.jpgLace Dress w/belt

  Lulus $42, Forever21 $27.80, Urban Planet $15


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Running off the Track

Girls Rollup Blouse
Bluenotes Roll up Blouse in 8 colours
 $15! Perfect with rolled up jeans and some runners!

Girls Contrast Line Windbreaker Jacket
Bright coloured Windbreaker would be fabulous!
Bluenotes $15 


I hope you enjoyed this post I worked really hard on it and welcome to Young and Fashionable if you are new here! I got the inspiration to do this post from my lovely pumas as I love them too much to run in as silly as that sounds! In the last picture, my eyes had enough of looking into the sun as it was right behind the camera and gave a hard blink at just the wrong time.. 

Thanks for stopping by!,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Keeping it Classy

Well, this outfit is my first time ever wearing a button under a sweater. Crazy eh? The plaid has a tinsy bit of blue that matches with the Old Navy sweater beautifully. The jeans are from Walmart and surprisingly good quality and are my absolute favorite and go to. My Crocs are amazing execpt the fact that they got incredibly disgusting from walking through all that mud. 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Snake Skin

So currently the blog is getting a major update! There is one new page dedicated to the photographers. These pictures taken by Nathan Anderson and first ever shoot with him. It went..not as I expected. The last picture is an example of that as it isn't a usual pose which in the end, I love.

I found these pants at Giant Tiger actually for only $5! I thought it would be a nice mix with a large cotton sweater and some classic sandals.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Not Without Minnie Mouse

This dress is perfect for transitioning from the drag Winter into Spring season with its dark base colour and detailed flowers. I threw a cardigan I found on sale at Walmart on top. I balanced out the outfit with off white canvas shoes also with a classic flower pattern. 

When I saw this little Minnie Mouse I knew it belonged on my bag and that was it.