Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 7- no mom, just no.

finally found the camera. -_- mom had some friends over and we all played monopoly! :)

equation=  navy dress, striped purple shirt (under) brown uggs

i added a light brown scarf and grey leg warmers and hair in a low pony tail

just no mom. moms  friend gave us a box of clothes and found these, and she shows these lovely pair of hot pink parachute pants and says, oh these would fit you! you can wear these at school!, me- uh, no mom.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 6-mommy!!!

so this one is edited.. but my best skills..

ya i like this one better..:) the equation being...

navy cardigan+light brown short sleeve cardigan+light blue jeans+black ballet flats=

and me and my mommy!! :) 


Day 5- Mustache

uh..long sleeve blue borwn white black and teal top?..+ grey pencil skirt+blue heels=

i added my floral multi string necklace, black tights, pulled my bangs over the side and added some gold and silver eye shadow..

and cookie (from the last post eating) has a mustache!! (i hope i spelt that right ;) )

Day 4- no i dont wear glasses :P

This is Cookie.. she is 4 months old and the cutest thing! just to let you all know :P

the equation please??

blue blouse+floral tank+light jeans+croc boat shoes=

and heres a close up..:) **notice the brown bow in my hair on the left holding it all together ;)

 oh and i got a pic of my other dog, Oreo.. sorry its blurry but she moves ALL THE TIME!!
and here is me just playing around :P ya i dont actually wear glasses! these have no glass in them! though i admit id look quite cute!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sorry :(

so i had to work from 7-1 fri.. when i got home i had a load of stuff to do.. so i didnt get around to getting my oufit..
then yesturday i went to ottawa from 8am-8pm.. because of my course i started..  it started at 12 and we had no clue where we were going and its 2 hours away and my dad wanted to go shopping at costco before too. ya then when i was done at 4, we headed to kingston and then had to turn around because it was getting late so we went through this small town kemptville i grew up in and after that, we got really lost. instead of an hour and i half to get home we took almost 3... ya.. and i wore sweats yesturday not my outfit.. i felt it would be better. so my outfit today and yesturday will be up by the end of the day!! thanks for reading such a long thing!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 3.. ya... about those pants....

so like it says in the title.. my pants ripped. right down the butt. THANK GOD it wasnt at school, but still :( they were a good pair of pants :(.. now im down to 3 awecordly long flared pants -_- gotta get mom into jean shopping now. first shopping on line, now this. ill tell ya how it goes. \

anyway the equation for today is...

                big grey oversized sweater+ oriental blue t shirt+jeans+brown uggs=

and my ripped jeans -_-



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spirit Day

so i dont have day 3 because today at my school, was spirit day!! I am in the concert band and we got to play at the pep rally.. We are all wearing navy blue and yelllow! I'm the second in on the right playing the flute :) Day 3 tomorrow!!
ps my teacher mrs christian is holding a light saber because we played the imperial march (from star wars-darth vader) for one of the teachers that doesnt think we had enough spirit ;)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2- Does it look Okay?..

so i really couldnt find a way to wear my floral overtop without freezing so i put it over a sweater.. my question is .. does it look okay?... my sister laughed at it. yet agian she isnt into fashion like me...

the equation= light blue jeans+ navy cardigan+ floral short sleeve top + black flats=

i put my hair up and added my scarf :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1- + sis

So this morning i had NO inspiration on what to wear. so i pulled my sister Keely in  my room and asked her to make an outfit. she randomly picked this and i added some black tights and my brown heels.

soo the equation is...  pink over top + white tank + floral skirt + brown heels =

 and a nice upclose pic of my necklace :)

and to thank my photographer ( we took like 20 shots),my sis keely from this morning..
 so the reason my posts are never on time is because i can never get either someone to tam a picture of me or I simply dont have time :( so i ask you, who takes your pics and when do you do them?? like in the morning or after you get home because i get home from school at 3:30... thanks!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

My 30 items!! finally -_-

sooo i finally got around and got my 30 pieces. yesterday i took pictures of them and i was soo scared of having to try to pick which ones to get rid of thinking I had too many. Ends up I had EXACTLY enough! i was like, OMG YESS!!!! soo here they are :) my thirty for thirty.

the hallway with my stuff...
the T shirts.. (walmart, ricki's, and hollister)

The long sleeve shirts.. ( Giant tiger, old navy (online)bootlegger) 

The over tops (my favorites!!).. (ricki's, moms friend, old navy, old navy, zellers, and moms friend )



The tank tops..(garage and my friend)


Sweater.. (my aunt knitted it :) )

My dress.. (Joe fresh style)

The skirts..( thrift shop, old navy, zellers and moms friend)


My jeans :).. (bootlegger, walmart and my friend)


Shoes (and i got ALOT of them ;)... (old navy, payless shoesource, garage sale, joe fresh style, crocs (mom bought for a one time thing), and zellers?..)



And my booties :) (payless shoe source..and yes they are salt stained but im going to fix them after this)

im going to be up to date from now on because im going to pay my sisters to take my pictures in the morning :)