Welcome to Young and Fashionable!

My name is Tealia (Teal-ee-a) Carriere 
and nice to meet you too :)

Like most girls, I love clothing and dressing up only I like to take it one step beyond. I'm from a large family with two dogs. I just graduated from High School last summer and am currently prepping for University in the fall.
My personal style consists of warm, light patterned pieces mostly ranging from the neutrals to soft blues, pinks, greens, and purples. I like to keep with trends, yet add my own modern, romantic twist. 

*Just to add for blogging, I believe in leaving genuine comments on others blogs not simply to ask them to view my own, but simply in general interest. I believe blogs were not made for asking others to look at yours but to truly want to give positive feedback and possibly continue to look at their content. I only wish the fashion blogging world followed that but that is what separates well earned blogs from the selfish ones thanks for staying tuned! :) *

And thats a blurp about me!
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