Friday, January 28, 2011

Grey on Grey- Freedom Friday

So i just finished my exams and it went wayyy easier than i thought i was going to go. so this is this weeks freedom Friday outfit. 

                       A grey floral top with a grey pencil skirt really nails the spot! don't go super happy with the grey with accessories I'd advice to stick with the basics such as black and white. Or really hit a spot with a bright colour! make sure to add some heels and add a nice hair bun as seen with Emma Watson.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

exams :(

I'm sorry to do this, but there won't be any blogs till after my exams are over on the 27th.. I'n currently studying really hard (anthropology, music, biology and art- and yes art has a stupid exam -_-) so till then, i hope you all have a very fashionable time this next week :)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FKT-Fashion Knoewledge Tuesday-Scarfs

So i managed to get this done at school! Yay! I'm surprised its not blocked with all the websites we are not allowed now a days.. Do you like the new look? It didn't change much but I did improve it.

So today im showing off my scarf collection and some ways to wear them for better use. I googled how to but i got all these cheesy hats and shirts with scarfs so I just used my own knowledge.
This is me a before i start wearing my scarfs. You know for reference...and its a good picture.;)

 So I currently don't have an infinity scarf (top on my shopping list) so i just tied off my small black cotton one for it instead. This WILL take over an outfit. So please don't pair it with something or several other new trendy peices or its going to look overboard... 

 This is by far my favorite scarf. As you can see, i flung both ends over my shoulders then placed each end on the opposite shoulder. It gives a full affect and much like the idea like the last with it taking all the fashion place, it does the same! So wear a basic top and don't add any jewelry. 

This one my uncle brought back from his trip to Afghanistan. i simply put it around my neck and flung one end over my shoulder. I kept it nice and loose to ensure it didn't look cheesy. this can be added with a LOW KEY fashion point but I think for the majority of all scarfs, let them do the work.;) 

 This one is (don't laugh) Dollarama.. Yes, i know. But think, I got both styles and if it breaks or I lose it who cares!! I can go buy a new one! Don't spend more than you would buy any other everyday accessory.

 As for the last one, I took my square scarf (that I couldnt find a  use for) and hung it around my neck, added my coat, and pulled it out a bit to give my outdoor look a bit of style.

So I hope you found some new ways to wear scarfs :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Fix Monday-Tuck It In!!

 Hey sorry about not having it up earlier, but my sis wouldn't take my pic this morning, then at lunch ends up i couldn't get to a computer then i had to work RIGHT after work (Mccds) from 4-7 and it takes a good 20 there and so i had to run to from the bus to the van with my monkey suit. ANYWAY.. 

So my outfit today was a bright cardigan button down with my classic white embellished beaded tank TUCKED, (yes i said tucked i decided to put on my fashion thinking cap and take it up a notch) into my favorite pair of jeans. with my floral brown belt, sliver bracelets, my slip on crocs and with some brown eyeliner and (i must say) amazing relaxed hair.

i also randomly was looking at the ceiling and thought it was soo pretty :)

i think its like the only pretty spot in the whole freakin school...;)

so apparently its the most saddest day of the year?? I dont think so, i had a good day :) hope yours was good too!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


a nice cotton sweater and black tights with a feather necklace and some cute colourful socks :)

VERY compfty and warm if i do say so my self :)

so this is a little about me:
i go to church every sunday and love it :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Info Saturday-Katy Perry Purr

Well a lot of new products have come out recently! So let me get to it!

The weekly news:
Katy Perry's New Perfume-"Purr"... Personally the second i saw it i didn't recognize Katy and I was thinking how cheesy it looked. Like, she's wearing a hot pink and purple latex cat suit!! I don't know about you but i find it kinda awe cord with the face and all.. what do you think? 

Next on the new list is the cute little Clinque Chubby Stick. I've heard only good things about this and i must admit if i see one of them around I'm buying a few! Described as a colourful, vibrant half lip gloss and half lipstick and has mango and shea butters. 

 And finally, Vera Wang-Preppy Princess. The 5th purfume of the series. I fell in love with the orginal and had to buy it but i waited til it went on sale and im waiting for the others to go on sale too, but honestly i dont think i am really going to like the smell of it. The snobbyness of it and the way it looks isnt going to sell me. Oh well.

So here are some trends that i have noticed...
-Orange lips
-Graphic sweaters
-white cargo pant

Anyone agree? there are probably more but this is just what i have noticed.

and the quote of the week:...."Style is primarily a matter of instinct."-Bill Bla

See you next week for more fashion updates.. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

So lets all forget about the last week ;).. My dear friend Hannah (my bfs  younger sister) and me did a photo shoot with my black dress (last Friday) her brown pleather jacket and i did her curly hair and amazing red lips. I also added my beige sandels to the mix and my leather black bag to top it all off.

See ya tomorrow bc i have LOTS of goodies planned ;) 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Info.

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So today, i have decided to change the times on the blogs. Saturday will be at 11 and Sunday will be at 10. I'm a teen, and enjoy sleeping in. :)

So for today, i found some interesting stuff for my fashion fix. first off, Leighton Meester is the cover girl for the February cover of Seventeen. The outfits she has on are no other than given for the shoot from the spring 2011 Versus collection designed by Christopher Kane. Check it out!


Another little tidbit id like to mention is that Jeanne Beker, the fashion reporter for fashion television, has created a line based on the basics of a wardrobe.

Here is a link with a slide show with a sneak peak at her new line..

Lastly, id like to mention one of the latest trends and my opinion.
 The furry vest! What does everyone think? At first, i must admit i hated it. i couldn't believe someone would wear such a thing. Then a little while ago, i was thinking, hmm that doesn't look too bad.. Now i would LLLOOVE to get my hands on one of those!

Hope you get to see my post next week, ON TIME!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Sorry about yesterday, my laptop wasn't being nice.. For next Thursday, it will be double tips beauty tips! As for this Friday, i made sure it was working..

Freedom Friday is all about the freedom of dressing up and having fun! I hope you enjoy it and come back next week for some 'freedom'. So the tuxedo look is more for men, but i made it girlie. i made two outfits so you have to choose between one or the other to wear.. sorry! ;)

 With my black bandage dress, and white necklace, It's perfect for a lovely dinner date. I have my classic silver point heels and my ring.

For this one, i added a cream white silk top tucked into my black pencil skirt. i added my black necklace and some black heels. This outfit is more ideal for a get together or professional party.

The make up, and hair for both are bright red lips, and a cute flirty side pony; perfect for a dress up event.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Double Wednesday-Colourful Pencil Skirt

Hey its Wednesday and that means...Double! So here is the piece of clothing i decided to double..

Its one of my favorite skirts. But with this skirt, there is NO way, and I mean NO way, you can pull off an outfit being dull and colourless. Its simply impossible. 

For my first look, I tucked my areopostale T-shirt into it
and added a bright teal coloured cardigan and my all time favourite dark blue heels. I also let my hair go its natural curly with a winged black eyeliner and dangling black earrings . I also added my flower ring and took the top of the "Princess" perfume I just bought and used them as rings..:)


The other outfit consists of my knitted blue sweater layered on top of the skirt with black patterned leggings and pink ballet flats. I put my hair up in a high pony tail and added a long layered grey necklace with my chunky silver ring. I have simple lime green studs in to go along with my lime green eye shadow..

Hope you enjoyed my outfits! I sure liked making them!



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FKT (Fashion Knowledge Tuesday)- How to Look Taller Wearing Shoes

Welcome and good morning to you! I hope you enjoyed my outfit yesterday because i sure did! This is my first Fashion Knowledge Tuesday. Hope you enjoy it! I have researched a bit and found some shoes that can appear to make you taller.

1st up: The Nude Heel. With the ability to blend in with the colour shade of skin, it creates a longer, taller you.

The next Heel is the 'Peak-Toe' Platforms. With the Tootsies peeking out at the end, it creates a full, tall image.

The next shoe can either break you or make you.
The 'Thigh-Length" Boot makes tall girls really show that they are on top with the endless legs. But for shorter people, (such as myself) it is best to stay AWAY from these SKY HIGH Boots as it devours your figure and really shortens you.

See you next for more fashion tips and advice! Now that learned what shoes to where when you want to grow an extra inch or so, or appear to, you have the Fashion Knowledge. ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick Fix and Revive Monday-Grey Striped Sweater

Good Morning! Everyone is back on track today with the holidays over and all. And to start you off, I have created a very cute and easy outfit to put together. The staple that I'm going to revive is my grey striped sweater.

So i added
  • a sleeveless black flowy cardigan,  
  • a white belt,
  • my blue jeans,
  • and my blue heels
 I also added my tiny cross, added my white handband, and pinned one side of my bangs back. I created smokey grey eyes for make up. 

Some other alternatives if you dont have these, is..
  • a long sleeve shirt
  • a vest instead of a cardigan
  • no belt
  • and flats
Hope your Monday goes well and you dont start off your first work day of the year horribly.. best of luck,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Fashion Themed Days of the Week

Everyday from now on, will be showcased a certain theme for each day of the week.Posts will be up at 6 am to ensure you are ready for the day and able to use the information i have posted. The Days are as follows:

Monday-"Quick Fix and Revive Monday"

me looking into  my closet in the early morning

Everyone has those days when you simply look into your closet, and your mind is blank. You can't put anything together right, and everything you think to wear is in the wash. No worries! Mondays will be dedicated to outfits everyone can pull off by reviving a basic piece of clothing (ie: black T-shirt). If you have any suggestions on a basic piece i should revive, email me! Id love to hear it (my email is at the end of the post) See you on Monday for reviving! ;)

Tuesday-FKT (Fashion Knowledge Tuesday)
My outfit and fashion hints binder

Got a Fashion Question? Need a Fashion Tip? Tuesdays the day! email your fashion questions or the subject you need a tip in. I'll be on the job to get you the answers. So join me on Tuesdays to get tips and hints.

Wednesday-Double Wednesday

Two outfits using one piece, both super casual, and ready for shopping, running around and getting stuff done! Check out "Double Wednesday" and email me a piece you would like to see 'doubled'. Come see what outfit is being doubled on Wednesday!  

My two identical sweaters (one my sisters from hammy downs)

Thursday-BKT(Beauty Knowledge Thursday)

my make up drawers and perfume box :)

Much like Tuesday with tips, hints and answers, but with beauty, because we all need out beauty fix! ;) So come stop by on Tuesdays for some fun.


my sparkly fun accessories!

 When i think Friday, i think freedom. Getting all dressed up for a night on the town and having lots of fun. Friday is all about Fun outfits for going out and enjoying yourself. Come by and see the daily post on Friday for what to wear out for the weekend

Saturday-Info Saturday.

Saturday is the fill-in info day. With weekly fashion quotes, my inspirations, new products and trends, news, websites and links, and anything else fashion i got to share with you. So ill leave you with one of the best fashion quotes ever said.

I don't do fashion, I am fashion.Coco Chanel

Sunday-Comfort n' Me

Sundays for me means several things:
  1. Church
  2. Homework
  3. And just hanging out.
So, basically, I'm not interested in what others think of my outfit; i just want comfort. That's all Sunday is really about. how to dress with comfort. I will also include a small part of my life just to show you what I do other than fashion. So here is the story behind my picture.

The picture was taken on Christmas day, on my new laptop notebook I  got for Christmas. my sister peeked and told me so my parents put a small puzzle in the box for the laptop so when we opened it, there was the puzzle not the laptop. You should have seen our faces! Of course my mom had to video tape it all and show us after, and yes my dad brought in the laptops after. The heels in the picture are from my boyfriend who saw me gaw over them at payless so got me them for Christmas :)

Thanks for reading and staying tuned. I hope you enjoy my blog and i hope to see you agian! ps. my email is :)