Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"It Is Not Borrowing If You Don't Return It"

Data Management, Grade 12 Functions AND History...
  • Navy Sweater
  • Tribal Skirt
  • Stone Necklace
  • Moccasins
  • Textbooks (Jk; but I do need them).


My extreme to do list of the day


          I'm the "Stealer" of the house. If something goes missing, my mother calls me first to ensure it's not hidden in my room. Well, one day, on one of my many trips to the basement, I found this amazing wrap around, tribal, cotton skirt. Sadly, I'm afraid my mother will not be able to fit into it like she once did when she was in grade 11, so I decided to help her show this beauty to the world.

         Unfortunately, it still shows signs of the 80's, meaning the bottom half is nice, but the top is the obvious  "Faux-Pas" fashion of the past. I thought it would be suitable to drape a sweater over it. I added my stone necklace (From Value Village, as well as the sweater), and my favorite moccasins to add a more sixties feel to the look. 

          Of course the second my mother saw the skirt, she said, "Hey, that's not yours, I'll fit into it one day!". But she still let me wear it the rest of the day and said I could "Hold" it in my closet till she could fit into it once again (which hopefully won't be before I run off to University with it). :)


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Claire's 10 for 10

Did a little photoshoot in my brothers room
vintage sweater
plaid blue skirt
blue/black tights
bow head

loveee this necklace!!

love these shoes and the skirt has pockets!! great placement for cellphone in school 

claire's 10 for 10 items :)

it says "Music is my life". which of course it is :)

cute little bolt and nut rings

been wanting these for a while

i thought it was black and white eyeshadow, ends up it is 
eyeshadow base and black eyeliner :) *and it works wonders!!

currently wearing the pearls :)

i LOOOVEE these earrings

perfect for black and white parties or halloween!!

seriously smells like cotton candy. Just ask the random people i stuffed
my nails in thier faces.

lloooove this ring :)

very pigmented and gorgeous colours

I have serval posts coming your way using all these so be on the look out!! 
whats your favorite piece?.. 
Have you been to the claire's 10 for 10 yet?? any good stuff??


Saturday, February 18, 2012


gorgeous eh?? 
Will (if you dont know who Will is, check it out here)
had to skip second period to run to the florist, buy them, then run back :)

*the next few pictures are taken in a walmart changing room.
cause i was changing obv.. 
jk tried on one shirt and used the rest of the time for pictures.. 
the lady at the counter was probably beginning to wonder what i was doing in there!

HA speaking of which the grey vest was from walmart :) 

LLOOOVEE this necklace :)
one of my favs <3

Yes. my fingers crooked and my skin is dried out and red 
i had to show you because Will asked if ive worn any of  the nail polishes he got 
me for Christmas and i said no, but i will, so i did :)

Well Valentine's day was VERY eventful! I bought balloons and stuffed them in Will's locker so when he opened it, they all burst out. Best facial expression EVER. (WHAT THE oh WAIT WHAT?-his face in words) I also gave out random valentines and made sugar cookies. I was actually told they were so good I should open a bakery! HA it only took me all my life baking with my Nana to NOT burn them! At the end of the day, being tired of running around i updated my facebook status with this..I'm a genius. 


Tealia Carrière
what a successful day handing out v cards.. the best part? gettin' to see random people smile :)
friend 1: you know what a v card is?
February 14 at 7:53pm ·  ·  4

friend 2:tealia... no comment dear.
February 14 at 8:34pm ·  ·  1
friend 3:LMFAO
Me: oops. i was innocently thinking valentines day cards..
Thursday at 3:25pm ·  ·  3

Friday, February 17, 2012

Its Frickin' Cold

Me. Le cold. 

Slouchy purple sweater
black pencil skirt
striped tank (under)
black ballet flats 

my fav :)

i had to immediately put my coat on 

*this was suppose to be posted last sunday.. sorry I'm currently playing catch up! 

So I was SUPPOSE to go to my boyfriends, but that didn't work out so i spent the day making valentines :) I'm currently getting ready to go volunteer i don't know where but ill find out when i get there..haha.. just watch it be wiping old peoples butts.. 

In memory of Whitney Houston, here is one of my favorite songs of hers curtsy of Youtube..

 "I wanna Dance with Somebody" 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's Increase Traffic

Yes. I did this in a bathroom. Why? cause i really really REALLY wanted to show you this outfit :)

I LOVEEE the lace shoulder design on the shoulder

Hey didn't i wear this already?.. well, its a fav :)

wierd pic right? well i wanted to show off the amazing pockets i have ;)

horrible place to take the pic. believe me. I KNOW. but i still love my outfit :)

I ate a dozen blue airheads and my tongue 

 First off, THANK YOU. to who? YOU!! thank you for reading this post, taking the time to click to see if im interesting and reading this. And you are beautiful/handsome, and an amazing person and dont ever change. This blog however, needs a major lift! I will be starting a newsletter, my facebook page will be full of great stuff and ill start filming youtube vids!! If this sounds interesting to you, email me ( or send your email through message on the fb page (right here). My facebook is a little outdated, please excuse the mess it has to updated and cleaned :) BEST OF ALL. i will start give aways (once a month) and sorry there is a catch.. but only a little one ;) ill have a trival question about my blog( uber easy my 6 yr old bro can do it) along with your email subscription (which i will have a list of  and notify you that you have entered).

So hopefully i will be seeing you again ( i have more little surprises those are just the SUPER good ones)
catch you later

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The awecord moment when your phone takes better pictures than your camera

  • Creme with black lining cardigan *Zellers several years back $7
  • Graphic T shirt (under cardi) *Urban Behavior i believe on sale for boxing day $5
  • Ripped jeans *Target on my trip last year to the States $18
  • Patterned tights *Eclipse on sale for boxing day *3
  • Brown uggs (folded down) *Payless 2 and a half years ago $60
  • Pretty long necklace *Bootlegger currently on sale for $8

Oh I love the quality of my little phone :)

I love the pattern on these tights! Will (bf) calls them "hooker tights"

I folded my Uggs down to be a little different.. I thought it would look cuter :/

Hair=not listening 

Tried to fix.. didnt do much better :/ oh well. 
I wasn't in a mood to care

After a horrible Day at school, I bought myself a bag of mini eggs, reese and a pepsi.
and eat them all in the parking lot.

So it ends up my phone takes better pictures than my camera and i don't have to go through the hassle of uploading the pics to my laptop, then adding to pictures, than tagging in Windows Live Photo Gallery (because i dont have adobe or anything fancy) than edit the pictures and finally upload to the blog. I would get sooo frustrated and my laptop actually shut down and made me redo the painful 45 minute process. So uploading from my phone is MUCH easier. So its not the best outfit. I have my reasons.
1. i wanted to wear my patterned tights with jeans and i dont have any other nice ripped jeans.
2. was late getting out the door and my hair is gross.
3. I had an overall bad day.
Tomorrow better be better -_-