Saturday, March 31, 2012

And Go out with a BANG

This post is dedicated to my Nana as she fought through breast cancer and overcame it. This is also dedicated to all those women and their families as they struggle to hold together and may they get through this as painlessly phyically and emotionally as possible. 

During and After Cancer
By: Jackie Clark
*Pictures added by Tealia Carriere

Cancer is devastating in every kind of way.  It destroys the body. It stresses relationships.  It offers a bleak future.  Self esteem and worth can plummet.  Yet in the midst of this horror, women can still salvage their confidence and sense of self through fashion.

It is important for women to seek ways to feel beautiful while facing cancer such as mesothelioma or breast cancer.  One way is to dress in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.  If dressing 'cute' has never come naturally, getting an expert's advice can make all the difference. Stylists and image consultants may sound like a luxury only for celebrities, but spending an hour with one of them can set women on the right path to dressing for their body shape.

Purses are a key piece of fashion that doesn’t have to fit a specific body type.  A well-made, classic purse can upgrade any outfit.  Jeans and a t-shirt can instantly look like high fashion when paired with a designer bag.  These bags can be expensive, but they last a long time and there are ways to get them cheaper. Consignment stores, Craig's list and E-bay offer used designer purses (make sure they come with cards to verify authenticity though).  There are also websites that rent out purses.  This is a great option for higher end bags and for those who like to change our their look regularly.  A trendy purse can add fun to an ensemble.  When choosing a design that may not be in style after a year or so, don't spend much money on it.

If facing weight gain from chemotherapy treatment, dry wearing darker colors to look slimmer, but then choose a colored purse to balance out the color palette.  Many mood experts say that wearing certain colors like orange, yellow and red and elevate a mood.  Try to incorporate one mood-lifting color into the outfit each day.

If women are homebound, off work, fighting cancer, getting out of bed can be a major accomplishment.  After that, a major goal may be getting dressed for the day.  It can seem pointless to put on anything other than pajamas or sweatpants.  However, making an effort to put on a nice dress, a favorite piece of jewelry, or slinging an elegant purse over the shoulder can improve the mood.  The next step is getting out the door to show off the look by staying positive is dressing to feel good about yourself.  Get into colors, carry a cute purse, and know you're beautiful!


Ends up my camera doesn`t work. When it takes pictures, they come out all lined and pink. So until I find a new camera( thinking of buying off my sister`s), the blogs on hold :(. Oh and my side lamp went out the day after my room light burnt out as well. 
But enough about my bad luck, let`s talk about this outfit! With the purple and grey stripes, and ripped capris, it just screams that I`m done with winter and ready to move on (Though the weather thinks differently)! I added my flower power brown necklace, and tribal flats to add a good casual, chic feeling. My hair is in a pony `cause I was too lazy to think of anything creative :) 

Thank you for stopping by, comment with you`re best bag, and I`ll see you soon :)


  1. SO glad to hear that she overcame it! Great post!

    - aimee

  2. Hi Tealia,It's me Priya.I really like your blog, and good for your Nana.

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