Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Idea

So my little idea, (starting tomorrow) is...
I picked out 26 outfits from my September magazines of Seventeen and Lou Lou. Then I made a quick little note describing the outfit, accessories, make up and hair. I then posted them on the board along with 4 freebie days. For the month of September, I am going to use all the outfits, take a picture, along with the original and wear it proudly. Also, on the left side of the dry erase board, I wrote a list of items to buy and find for my closet. So lets see how this is going to work out!! :)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little Different

So, I am trying a new way to 'model'. So for this outfit, I wore my classic dress shirt, with floral patterned leggings, silver pendant necklace and black flats. The reason why I didn't blog the past few days was 1. I fell asleep. 2. My parents took my laptop away, and I thought all my pictures were deleted. Oh the joy. of parents. I had a brain blast last night, so stay tuned tomorrow for all the deets. :)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hollister Sale

Pretty basic outfit 



(belt) $7


(sweater) $21


(Skirt) $12

You know that brand that everyone seemed to have worn at school that you didn't? Well, for me, its Hollister, and Abercrombie and Fitch. Its, well, not the cheapest store on earth. Anyway, I get the email updates, and there happened to be a 'clearance' section and as I was checking it out, I noticed how AMAZING the cost was. Even compared to my Walmart that I buy everything at. So I ended up buying alot.  Yup. (FYI, the pink hollister shirt I didn't buy, I got from a friend..)


Friday, August 26, 2011

Breaking Dawn :(

  Can't believe I am finishing the most amazing series again, and its all coming to an end :(

Book 2!!

New book I got, I have the rest of the series.
Robyn Hunter Series, By Norah McClintock

Hoping to get the Countdown for Breaking Dawn Movie Part 1 on my blog.. lets see how long its gonna be ;)


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eclipsed Sweater

So I found my dream prom dress today. It has some major altering to do, but, after its done, I'm the queen of the dance. ;) Anyway, hopefully you noticed the new title, picture, colours, and about page. I also have several pages to go! And as you can see, I'm just at the ending of Eclipse. Finally. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!! Its the whole reason why I'm rereading the series. So I'm terribly excited. 

Random Fact: I ordered 3 books in for July, and so far, 1 book as come in. ( I checked to see when the other two books were coming in, and they haven't even been shipped yet and should be arriving September 13. As if. I'm blaming Canada Post for taking their time for not getting the pay they wanted after the strike. As if. Well I guess that wasn't a random fact, just me ranting on.. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scarfing the New Moon

Pretty ruffles :)

love the pulled apart look of my croc shoe

second last line. I'm such a twi-hard; I always end in tears.

Even though I know its not true, I still cry when Edward says Bella is no good.

So I thought I'd do a little fashion advice, as to why I picked the purple scarf to wear instead of my other 6 amazing scarves. So let me take you through the decision process.  

Plain outfit with out scarf. As you can see, I kind of need something to add a bit of colour and also fills in, and  ties the shirt and skirt together.

This afghan grey scarf is one of my favorites, but it deals a few problems.
  1. Too big and swarms my petite shape.
  2. No colour, and adds to the dull palette.
  3. Is very thick and adds an unbreakable taste in fashion.

This scarf, just no. This is more a square sheet of fabric and does nothing but add confusion to my outfit for the size and delicate detail prove to help nothing.

Simple? Yes. Small and dull? Also yes. 

This was the original scarf I grabbed for this outfit, but to me, its just missing that oomph, and the colour is more cold than the warm colours in the skirt and shirt.

If this scarf was thicker, larger in size, and more filling, I would have worn it. The colour and pattern is perfect, but just not for this outfit.

Another fine scarf. It has the right size, pattern, shape, and hangs perfectly, complimenting the skirt. However, it is white and fades out with the shirt. No way was I changing my shirt.

Perfect. Warm colours that compliment the skirt, hits the skirt at the right length, fills the area needing filling, and does not take center stage, but shares it. 

Hope you found this helpful for your own wardrobe,


Friday, August 19, 2011

Smurfette'n Zellers

So you have seen this shirt before, and I thought it was just dandy. I added a grey pencil skirt and finally got to where my new blush heels with my simple necklace. I was researching Smurfette, and guess what I found out. There is another female smurf after season 5. Her name is Sassette. Pretty crazy. And she had orange hair. 
Anyway, I made to Zellers, and personally I think they over price on a few things, though they have just as good quality as Walmart, Target, Giant Tiger, and Hart. And not as good as Old Navy, so I don't understand why that much more expensive. Oh well. I got this sweater for $7 and this really neat necklace for $3. I thought it was a grab.