Inspiration Cravings

May 12th 2013:

These are going to be my go to outfits for the summer! (sadly there is no real link for the image I got it sent through email but check out eluxe for all the pieces!)


April 18th 2013:
J Crew always has amazing outfits ready to try here is one I found on Pinterest:

Link Here :)

I have a cray obsession with SmartSet. I`m thinking of actually writing a letter saying how amazing they are to them!

Check all the outfits out HERE!!!


I saw this and HAD to share!!
25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 min! :) love it!! so inspired! 

Although I havent been on here for ever, when i saw this i had to post it :)


These are my two favorites: :)


If you have a Zellers near by, (I'm a Canadian here, so Idk about the states..) you MUST pick up the fall 2011 catalog! I'm squealing over the amazing outfits, and planning out what to wear which day with all the options!