Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to organize your earrings

Over the years, i have had many ideas on how to showcase my earrings... I needed my earrings to be very accessible, neatly organized, and nice to show others. my first idea came to leaving them on the piece of plastic that it came on and put them all in a box. it didn't work.. they fell off, they got tangled, i couldn't get to  my favorite pair without yanking them all out. So i decided to tie a string across the length of the wall and cut into the hole at the top of the plastic and "string" them on. This worked for a while, but slowly became a waste of space as the earrings still got tangled and the string fell down numerous times. 

Just yesterday i decided to change that and take charge of my collection of ear sores. I took a ruler and measured four of the plastic holders across a small part of my wall. I pushed thumbtacks into the according places that i measured and hung my earrings. I also checked all the back of the earrings to ensure they all had a back so they didn't fall out. I also took the time to organize them smallest (studs) to the biggest (Dangles) from the top to the bottom giving space as needed. Thanks for reading and hope you learned how to organize your earrrings :)

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