Thursday, December 30, 2010

how it works and how it doesnt.-temperture lesson

So this is my outfit.

hair-tied it a mid ponytail with rose metal bobby pin
earrings-dangling silver
shirt-kismet deep purple and grey stripe with lace down the back
necklace-brown layered pieces of flower print fabric with pearls and gold balls attached
bracelet-several stranded wooden beads tied with ribbon
pants-dark blue jeans

These are my silver pumps my mom gave to me, it matches well with the rest of the outfit because it falls close to the grey on the shirt. it also matches the earrings and bits of the necklace. Its a nice bust of colour to the outfit.

I put the red ones on just to show how bad they look. they are amazing shoes. but just not for this outfit... the red contracts the purple and the brown necklace much too harshly. the red is quite cold making the warm coloured outfit out of balance.

So after picking the right shoes, i thought i might need a jacket or something in case it gets chilly so i added my over sized grey sweater to top it off. The sweater gives shape to the whole outfit and really accents the other articles. The soft grey fits beautifully in with the warm colour theme.

I put one of my favorite cardigans and at first, i thought, wow this is gonna look good. But as i went on, i realized how it is greatly competing with the other patterns and designs. It feels almost like a power overload! *Try your best to stay away from this.. The sweater is also a MUCH lighter purple and is competing for attention with the darker purple underneath. The cardigan, lastly has a cooler feel to it off balancing the other pieces. 

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  1. I like how you show what works and doesn't. Cute idea and cute outfit!

    multiple factors