Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Organize your Hair Accessories

Instead of simply stuffing it all into the drawer and hoping it all fits, i have a few ideas that may make your life a tad bit easier..
first i grouped all of my stuff into two groups.
  1. headbands..
  2. hair products (ie:hair brush and travel conditioner)
  3. hair accessories (ie:elastics, clips and Bobbie pins)
i then went into further detail and found a nice compartment container to divide up my accessories, which included: Bobbie pins, hair elastics, clips and large clips/other.
i then simply placed the items in the places I'd use the most. I put my hair brush in the front close to my mirror with my accessories in the back so i can pull it out when i want. I put my headbands in the front to the far side so I can grab them on the go and quickly..

thanks for reading, and hope you learned how to organize your hair accessories :)

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