Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yellow Bandeau and some Newspapers

Okay, let me explain the title first. Then the pictures. My mother is a super thrifter; to a point that she has friends that drop clothes off by the garbage bag full for us. And you thought your mom was crazy. I found this cute yellow bandeau in one of the bags but it served a problem in my mind. I don't wear yellow. It's bright, intense, and hard to match anything with. This theory goes along with the colours red, orange, and silver. So you can imagine my fear and excitement when I got the courage to pull the only yellow garment out of my closet and be able to make an outfit out of it. The side pony is new too fyi, but that doesn't mean its going to stay.
I also, got to do a newspaper route. Not just any newspaper route, but in a rich elderly area.. Reason for the fountain picture and chair area that happened to be infront of the elevator. The book is part of my online english. I can now say i read Hamlet. In less than 3 days. English is my path in life. Math on the other hand...


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