Sunday, August 14, 2011

Walmart Obsessed.

Walmart is my worst enemy. They must have stolen at least a few hundred from me. Today alone I bought 2 jackets, a shirt, and 2 nail polishes. The last time i was at Walmart i bought 8 pairs of shoes. At least my mom offered to pay back the one jacket later this season. And did you see my skirt? Walmart too. Its actually a shirt! Here is how.No sewing, and this video is perfect for the everyday gal to the extreme fashionista. 

So for my shopping spree, I got this cute smurf shirt. Its cut is adorable, its colour is perfect for fall, and.. its a self esteem booster for it says im a perfect 10 ;).  I also got a leather jacket that i have been DIEING for. Lastly, i got a winter jacket perfectly on trend for 30 bucks. See? Walmart isnt too bad.. 


p.s. my lovely sister photo bombed my new fb profile pic -_-

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