Monday, August 15, 2011

Royal Wedding Delay

Well, we were suppose to try a new church out, but we got lost. So this is my 'Sunday Best'. I was trying my new tripod out in my room. I have the smallest ugliest room in the house buttt... I got  a walk in closet. :) This dress I got at Giant Tiger, I usually don't trust them for their stuff shrinks, but I fell in love. My floral shoes, cream Walmart cardigan i snagged for $3, and my beloved birdcage necklace. I also got around to painting my nails this purple colour (my camera sucks, sorry for the quality) which I assumed was brown til I actually looked at it.
So my Nana is down, and she brought a few Royal Wedding magazines and as I was glancing through, I saw this jacket, and humbly remember reading somewhere that the beige Burberry trench coat within hours. Read full article here. I thought it was amazing, yet I was not surprised for if I had the money, I'd be wearing mine right now.

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