Friday, August 19, 2011

Smurfette'n Zellers

So you have seen this shirt before, and I thought it was just dandy. I added a grey pencil skirt and finally got to where my new blush heels with my simple necklace. I was researching Smurfette, and guess what I found out. There is another female smurf after season 5. Her name is Sassette. Pretty crazy. And she had orange hair. 
Anyway, I made to Zellers, and personally I think they over price on a few things, though they have just as good quality as Walmart, Target, Giant Tiger, and Hart. And not as good as Old Navy, so I don't understand why that much more expensive. Oh well. I got this sweater for $7 and this really neat necklace for $3. I thought it was a grab. 


  1. surely Y & F....
    nice picts..

  2. Yes, I disappeared momentarily, too busy with meetings, friends and golf tournaments ;)
    and thanks :)