Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eclipsed Sweater

So I found my dream prom dress today. It has some major altering to do, but, after its done, I'm the queen of the dance. ;) Anyway, hopefully you noticed the new title, picture, colours, and about page. I also have several pages to go! And as you can see, I'm just at the ending of Eclipse. Finally. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!! Its the whole reason why I'm rereading the series. So I'm terribly excited. 

Random Fact: I ordered 3 books in for July, and so far, 1 book as come in. ( I checked to see when the other two books were coming in, and they haven't even been shipped yet and should be arriving September 13. As if. I'm blaming Canada Post for taking their time for not getting the pay they wanted after the strike. As if. Well I guess that wasn't a random fact, just me ranting on.. 



  1. just wondering who is your photographer!!

  2. me and my tripod ;) my sisters MAYBE take a pic here and there, but very rarely.. :)