Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's Go to the Beach

The 1928 car we rode there (mom's)

no seat belts, just that metal bar to hang on to

my shoes were cropped off, i thought i would show you my lovely  floral  shoes ;)

Giant Tiger shirt on sale, hammy down jeans,
walmart birdcage necklace and
my floral walmart flats

closest at bottom is 3yr Ephrem,
Me to far right
Keefer 5 swimmin to dock
Chris 8 far left on platform
Keely 13 about to fall in water
Novena 10 being pushed off platform

Keely and I :)

on Da BEeeeach

Yes, i know. its been..awhile since my last post. I cant promise ill be back right on time tomorrow.. BUT i have been taking pictures all those days, just not uploading them ;) so i DO have the next few days pics ready, its just to upload them.. anyway, THAT day, (bc i dont know the exact day) we went to my dads friends party and of course my mother wanted to ride her 1928 car there. yes it did work and no we didnt crash. They live right beside the beach and we all went crazy. (fyi im the oldest of 6 if you were wondering why there was so many kids in the pic).
I am currently looking around for my shoes that i swear were just right here so i can take todays pic. guess ill set it aside for tomorrow. It's probably in the same place as my now lost tripod. and my cell phone.. and my mp3 player.. and memory stick.... ya i dont have the best memory..

thanks for droppin by,

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