Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I think I Should Own Walmart

Yet another unsuccessful trip to Walmart. I bought a shirt, vest, and earrings. Though, I must admit, they are all super cute. I got this thermal shirt that would be great tucked in a skirt, or a vest on top. The cotton vest is one of my many fashion needs, however it was a 'splurge' at Walmart for a total of $18. 
A few posts back, (or maybe last post, I have such bad memory) I talked about how my mother gets bags of clothes. My mom also acquired a huge bin of Lego and my brothers went crazy. So I thought I might as well get my hands dirty. Inspiration: Prom :) This stylish Lego lady is a little thing of what i want for grad, and I can't wait!!

Fyi, those are my old English sheep dogs in the last picture. Cookie (the closest one) tried to photobomb me while Oreo chilaxed. :) 

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