Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Fix Monday-Tuck It In!!

 Hey sorry about not having it up earlier, but my sis wouldn't take my pic this morning, then at lunch ends up i couldn't get to a computer then i had to work RIGHT after work (Mccds) from 4-7 and it takes a good 20 there and so i had to run to from the bus to the van with my monkey suit. ANYWAY.. 

So my outfit today was a bright cardigan button down with my classic white embellished beaded tank TUCKED, (yes i said tucked i decided to put on my fashion thinking cap and take it up a notch) into my favorite pair of jeans. with my floral brown belt, sliver bracelets, my slip on crocs and with some brown eyeliner and (i must say) amazing relaxed hair.

i also randomly was looking at the ceiling and thought it was soo pretty :)

i think its like the only pretty spot in the whole freakin school...;)

so apparently its the most saddest day of the year?? I dont think so, i had a good day :) hope yours was good too!

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