Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FKT (Fashion Knowledge Tuesday)- How to Look Taller Wearing Shoes

Welcome and good morning to you! I hope you enjoyed my outfit yesterday because i sure did! This is my first Fashion Knowledge Tuesday. Hope you enjoy it! I have researched a bit and found some shoes that can appear to make you taller.

1st up: The Nude Heel. With the ability to blend in with the colour shade of skin, it creates a longer, taller you.

The next Heel is the 'Peak-Toe' Platforms. With the Tootsies peeking out at the end, it creates a full, tall image.

The next shoe can either break you or make you.
The 'Thigh-Length" Boot makes tall girls really show that they are on top with the endless legs. But for shorter people, (such as myself) it is best to stay AWAY from these SKY HIGH Boots as it devours your figure and really shortens you.

See you next for more fashion tips and advice! Now that learned what shoes to where when you want to grow an extra inch or so, or appear to, you have the Fashion Knowledge. ;)


  1. Glad to see this post.I am a short length girl & love to wear high heels.All the three pieces are gorgeous but I love that nude heels.


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