Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Fashion Themed Days of the Week

Everyday from now on, will be showcased a certain theme for each day of the week.Posts will be up at 6 am to ensure you are ready for the day and able to use the information i have posted. The Days are as follows:

Monday-"Quick Fix and Revive Monday"

me looking into  my closet in the early morning

Everyone has those days when you simply look into your closet, and your mind is blank. You can't put anything together right, and everything you think to wear is in the wash. No worries! Mondays will be dedicated to outfits everyone can pull off by reviving a basic piece of clothing (ie: black T-shirt). If you have any suggestions on a basic piece i should revive, email me! Id love to hear it (my email is at the end of the post) See you on Monday for reviving! ;)

Tuesday-FKT (Fashion Knowledge Tuesday)
My outfit and fashion hints binder

Got a Fashion Question? Need a Fashion Tip? Tuesdays the day! email your fashion questions or the subject you need a tip in. I'll be on the job to get you the answers. So join me on Tuesdays to get tips and hints.

Wednesday-Double Wednesday

Two outfits using one piece, both super casual, and ready for shopping, running around and getting stuff done! Check out "Double Wednesday" and email me a piece you would like to see 'doubled'. Come see what outfit is being doubled on Wednesday!  

My two identical sweaters (one my sisters from hammy downs)

Thursday-BKT(Beauty Knowledge Thursday)

my make up drawers and perfume box :)

Much like Tuesday with tips, hints and answers, but with beauty, because we all need out beauty fix! ;) So come stop by on Tuesdays for some fun.


my sparkly fun accessories!

 When i think Friday, i think freedom. Getting all dressed up for a night on the town and having lots of fun. Friday is all about Fun outfits for going out and enjoying yourself. Come by and see the daily post on Friday for what to wear out for the weekend

Saturday-Info Saturday.

Saturday is the fill-in info day. With weekly fashion quotes, my inspirations, new products and trends, news, websites and links, and anything else fashion i got to share with you. So ill leave you with one of the best fashion quotes ever said.

I don't do fashion, I am fashion.Coco Chanel

Sunday-Comfort n' Me

Sundays for me means several things:
  1. Church
  2. Homework
  3. And just hanging out.
So, basically, I'm not interested in what others think of my outfit; i just want comfort. That's all Sunday is really about. how to dress with comfort. I will also include a small part of my life just to show you what I do other than fashion. So here is the story behind my picture.

The picture was taken on Christmas day, on my new laptop notebook I  got for Christmas. my sister peeked and told me so my parents put a small puzzle in the box for the laptop so when we opened it, there was the puzzle not the laptop. You should have seen our faces! Of course my mom had to video tape it all and show us after, and yes my dad brought in the laptops after. The heels in the picture are from my boyfriend who saw me gaw over them at payless so got me them for Christmas :)

Thanks for reading and staying tuned. I hope you enjoy my blog and i hope to see you agian! ps. my email is :)

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