Friday, January 7, 2011


Sorry about yesterday, my laptop wasn't being nice.. For next Thursday, it will be double tips beauty tips! As for this Friday, i made sure it was working..

Freedom Friday is all about the freedom of dressing up and having fun! I hope you enjoy it and come back next week for some 'freedom'. So the tuxedo look is more for men, but i made it girlie. i made two outfits so you have to choose between one or the other to wear.. sorry! ;)

 With my black bandage dress, and white necklace, It's perfect for a lovely dinner date. I have my classic silver point heels and my ring.

For this one, i added a cream white silk top tucked into my black pencil skirt. i added my black necklace and some black heels. This outfit is more ideal for a get together or professional party.

The make up, and hair for both are bright red lips, and a cute flirty side pony; perfect for a dress up event.

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