Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FKT-Fashion Knoewledge Tuesday-Scarfs

So i managed to get this done at school! Yay! I'm surprised its not blocked with all the websites we are not allowed now a days.. Do you like the new look? It didn't change much but I did improve it.

So today im showing off my scarf collection and some ways to wear them for better use. I googled how to but i got all these cheesy hats and shirts with scarfs so I just used my own knowledge.
This is me a before i start wearing my scarfs. You know for reference...and its a good picture.;)

 So I currently don't have an infinity scarf (top on my shopping list) so i just tied off my small black cotton one for it instead. This WILL take over an outfit. So please don't pair it with something or several other new trendy peices or its going to look overboard... 

 This is by far my favorite scarf. As you can see, i flung both ends over my shoulders then placed each end on the opposite shoulder. It gives a full affect and much like the idea like the last with it taking all the fashion place, it does the same! So wear a basic top and don't add any jewelry. 

This one my uncle brought back from his trip to Afghanistan. i simply put it around my neck and flung one end over my shoulder. I kept it nice and loose to ensure it didn't look cheesy. this can be added with a LOW KEY fashion point but I think for the majority of all scarfs, let them do the work.;) 

 This one is (don't laugh) Dollarama.. Yes, i know. But think, I got both styles and if it breaks or I lose it who cares!! I can go buy a new one! Don't spend more than you would buy any other everyday accessory.

 As for the last one, I took my square scarf (that I couldnt find a  use for) and hung it around my neck, added my coat, and pulled it out a bit to give my outdoor look a bit of style.

So I hope you found some new ways to wear scarfs :)

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