Saturday, February 18, 2012


gorgeous eh?? 
Will (if you dont know who Will is, check it out here)
had to skip second period to run to the florist, buy them, then run back :)

*the next few pictures are taken in a walmart changing room.
cause i was changing obv.. 
jk tried on one shirt and used the rest of the time for pictures.. 
the lady at the counter was probably beginning to wonder what i was doing in there!

HA speaking of which the grey vest was from walmart :) 

LLOOOVEE this necklace :)
one of my favs <3

Yes. my fingers crooked and my skin is dried out and red 
i had to show you because Will asked if ive worn any of  the nail polishes he got 
me for Christmas and i said no, but i will, so i did :)

Well Valentine's day was VERY eventful! I bought balloons and stuffed them in Will's locker so when he opened it, they all burst out. Best facial expression EVER. (WHAT THE oh WAIT WHAT?-his face in words) I also gave out random valentines and made sugar cookies. I was actually told they were so good I should open a bakery! HA it only took me all my life baking with my Nana to NOT burn them! At the end of the day, being tired of running around i updated my facebook status with this..I'm a genius. 


Tealia Carrière
what a successful day handing out v cards.. the best part? gettin' to see random people smile :)
friend 1: you know what a v card is?
February 14 at 7:53pm ·  ·  4

friend 2:tealia... no comment dear.
February 14 at 8:34pm ·  ·  1
friend 3:LMFAO
Me: oops. i was innocently thinking valentines day cards..
Thursday at 3:25pm ·  ·  3


  1. beautiful flowers!! love your necklace!!

    - aimee

    SwellMayde DIY's

  2. Gorgeous I love the necklace and the nail polish *-*

    xx,Anh from tha.Darlinh