Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's Increase Traffic

Yes. I did this in a bathroom. Why? cause i really really REALLY wanted to show you this outfit :)

I LOVEEE the lace shoulder design on the shoulder

Hey didn't i wear this already?.. well, its a fav :)

wierd pic right? well i wanted to show off the amazing pockets i have ;)

horrible place to take the pic. believe me. I KNOW. but i still love my outfit :)

I ate a dozen blue airheads and my tongue 

 First off, THANK YOU. to who? YOU!! thank you for reading this post, taking the time to click to see if im interesting and reading this. And you are beautiful/handsome, and an amazing person and dont ever change. This blog however, needs a major lift! I will be starting a newsletter, my facebook page will be full of great stuff and ill start filming youtube vids!! If this sounds interesting to you, email me ( or send your email through message on the fb page (right here). My facebook is a little outdated, please excuse the mess it has to updated and cleaned :) BEST OF ALL. i will start give aways (once a month) and sorry there is a catch.. but only a little one ;) ill have a trival question about my blog( uber easy my 6 yr old bro can do it) along with your email subscription (which i will have a list of  and notify you that you have entered).

So hopefully i will be seeing you again ( i have more little surprises those are just the SUPER good ones)
catch you later


  1. lace on the blue jumper looks so nice!
    LIKE <3
    X the cookies

  2. Thats my girl, aint she a beauty :)