Friday, February 17, 2012

Its Frickin' Cold

Me. Le cold. 

Slouchy purple sweater
black pencil skirt
striped tank (under)
black ballet flats 

my fav :)

i had to immediately put my coat on 

*this was suppose to be posted last sunday.. sorry I'm currently playing catch up! 

So I was SUPPOSE to go to my boyfriends, but that didn't work out so i spent the day making valentines :) I'm currently getting ready to go volunteer i don't know where but ill find out when i get there..haha.. just watch it be wiping old peoples butts.. 

In memory of Whitney Houston, here is one of my favorite songs of hers curtsy of Youtube..

 "I wanna Dance with Somebody" 

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  1. cute outfit =)
    Hey =)
    Neat post and love your blog! Thank you so much for following me and now it's my pleasure to follow you back in return!


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