Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"It Is Not Borrowing If You Don't Return It"

Data Management, Grade 12 Functions AND History...
  • Navy Sweater
  • Tribal Skirt
  • Stone Necklace
  • Moccasins
  • Textbooks (Jk; but I do need them).


My extreme to do list of the day


          I'm the "Stealer" of the house. If something goes missing, my mother calls me first to ensure it's not hidden in my room. Well, one day, on one of my many trips to the basement, I found this amazing wrap around, tribal, cotton skirt. Sadly, I'm afraid my mother will not be able to fit into it like she once did when she was in grade 11, so I decided to help her show this beauty to the world.

         Unfortunately, it still shows signs of the 80's, meaning the bottom half is nice, but the top is the obvious  "Faux-Pas" fashion of the past. I thought it would be suitable to drape a sweater over it. I added my stone necklace (From Value Village, as well as the sweater), and my favorite moccasins to add a more sixties feel to the look. 

          Of course the second my mother saw the skirt, she said, "Hey, that's not yours, I'll fit into it one day!". But she still let me wear it the rest of the day and said I could "Hold" it in my closet till she could fit into it once again (which hopefully won't be before I run off to University with it). :)


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