Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The awecord moment when your phone takes better pictures than your camera

  • Creme with black lining cardigan *Zellers several years back $7
  • Graphic T shirt (under cardi) *Urban Behavior i believe on sale for boxing day $5
  • Ripped jeans *Target on my trip last year to the States $18
  • Patterned tights *Eclipse on sale for boxing day *3
  • Brown uggs (folded down) *Payless 2 and a half years ago $60
  • Pretty long necklace *Bootlegger currently on sale for $8

Oh I love the quality of my little phone :)

I love the pattern on these tights! Will (bf) calls them "hooker tights"

I folded my Uggs down to be a little different.. I thought it would look cuter :/

Hair=not listening 

Tried to fix.. didnt do much better :/ oh well. 
I wasn't in a mood to care

After a horrible Day at school, I bought myself a bag of mini eggs, reese and a pepsi.
and eat them all in the parking lot.

So it ends up my phone takes better pictures than my camera and i don't have to go through the hassle of uploading the pics to my laptop, then adding to pictures, than tagging in Windows Live Photo Gallery (because i dont have adobe or anything fancy) than edit the pictures and finally upload to the blog. I would get sooo frustrated and my laptop actually shut down and made me redo the painful 45 minute process. So uploading from my phone is MUCH easier. So its not the best outfit. I have my reasons.
1. i wanted to wear my patterned tights with jeans and i dont have any other nice ripped jeans.
2. was late getting out the door and my hair is gross.
3. I had an overall bad day.
Tomorrow better be better -_-


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