Saturday, February 25, 2012

Claire's 10 for 10

Did a little photoshoot in my brothers room
vintage sweater
plaid blue skirt
blue/black tights
bow head

loveee this necklace!!

love these shoes and the skirt has pockets!! great placement for cellphone in school 

claire's 10 for 10 items :)

it says "Music is my life". which of course it is :)

cute little bolt and nut rings

been wanting these for a while

i thought it was black and white eyeshadow, ends up it is 
eyeshadow base and black eyeliner :) *and it works wonders!!

currently wearing the pearls :)

i LOOOVEE these earrings

perfect for black and white parties or halloween!!

seriously smells like cotton candy. Just ask the random people i stuffed
my nails in thier faces.

lloooove this ring :)

very pigmented and gorgeous colours

I have serval posts coming your way using all these so be on the look out!! 
whats your favorite piece?.. 
Have you been to the claire's 10 for 10 yet?? any good stuff??


1 comment:

  1. omg i did 10 for 10 twice. it is so addicting!! i am 12 and a fashionista... they arent having any 10 for 10 sales anymore but as of june 1st, they have all wallets for $2, and all earrings 5 for $5. i already have like 23 walllets!!