Sunday, February 6, 2011

My 30 items!! finally -_-

sooo i finally got around and got my 30 pieces. yesterday i took pictures of them and i was soo scared of having to try to pick which ones to get rid of thinking I had too many. Ends up I had EXACTLY enough! i was like, OMG YESS!!!! soo here they are :) my thirty for thirty.

the hallway with my stuff...
the T shirts.. (walmart, ricki's, and hollister)

The long sleeve shirts.. ( Giant tiger, old navy (online)bootlegger) 

The over tops (my favorites!!).. (ricki's, moms friend, old navy, old navy, zellers, and moms friend )



The tank tops..(garage and my friend)


Sweater.. (my aunt knitted it :) )

My dress.. (Joe fresh style)

The skirts..( thrift shop, old navy, zellers and moms friend)


My jeans :).. (bootlegger, walmart and my friend)


Shoes (and i got ALOT of them ;)... (old navy, payless shoesource, garage sale, joe fresh style, crocs (mom bought for a one time thing), and zellers?..)



And my booties :) (payless shoe source..and yes they are salt stained but im going to fix them after this)

im going to be up to date from now on because im going to pay my sisters to take my pictures in the morning :)


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  1. Great picks!!

    Can't wait to see your remixes!

    Greetings from a fellow remixer :)