Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sorry :(

so i had to work from 7-1 fri.. when i got home i had a load of stuff to do.. so i didnt get around to getting my oufit..
then yesturday i went to ottawa from 8am-8pm.. because of my course i started..  it started at 12 and we had no clue where we were going and its 2 hours away and my dad wanted to go shopping at costco before too. ya then when i was done at 4, we headed to kingston and then had to turn around because it was getting late so we went through this small town kemptville i grew up in and after that, we got really lost. instead of an hour and i half to get home we took almost 3... ya.. and i wore sweats yesturday not my outfit.. i felt it would be better. so my outfit today and yesturday will be up by the end of the day!! thanks for reading such a long thing!


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  1. hey dear, im following you, follow me back please and leave a lovely comment for me, thanks :)btw, cheer up, girl :)