Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1- + sis

So this morning i had NO inspiration on what to wear. so i pulled my sister Keely in  my room and asked her to make an outfit. she randomly picked this and i added some black tights and my brown heels.

soo the equation is...  pink over top + white tank + floral skirt + brown heels =

 and a nice upclose pic of my necklace :)

and to thank my photographer ( we took like 20 shots),my sis keely from this morning..
 so the reason my posts are never on time is because i can never get either someone to tam a picture of me or I simply dont have time :( so i ask you, who takes your pics and when do you do them?? like in the morning or after you get home because i get home from school at 3:30... thanks!!



  1. Cute outfit! I love the skirt. And to answer your question about the photo taking--I personally take mine myself! I get home usually after 4pm, and I just put the self timer on the camera. I have absolutely no idea where our tripod is, so to tell you the truth, I put a bar stool on top of another chair and then put the camera on the stool, so that it's at the right height, because I'm kinda tall. :) It only takes a few minutes to get a couple of really good shots. Hope that helps? Good luck with your outfit photos!

  2. ya thats a good idea! i think im going to start doing that because i always run into problems with others taking my picture :) thanks alot!! :)