Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Deal with a B*tch without being a B*tch

(Mean Girls pretty much sums it up am I right?!)

So my drama class is putting on a play and I haven't been getting along too well with another cast member. I'm the only main character she interacts with meaning I get a lot of BS from her. According to her, I don't know any of my cues, or when to walk in or out and of course she thinks I don't know a single one of my lines. I'm not one to go around and gossip and I definitely don't want to start any drama. So I thought I'd include some tips on how to deal with just a plain nasty girl without being nasty yourself (although you just want to sometimes claw her face, believe me we've all been there!).

1) Just try to ignore her

          This may seem like a no-brainer, but for this, you have to read between the lines. Teachers say this to elementary kids all the time in terms of not talking to the bully. Approach this a bit differently by making a deal with yourself to not let anything she does or say get to you. Ignore it all and pretend it hasn't happened. Most likely she has some hideous interior motive, (mine I think is that she's the one who can sing and act but ends up I can sing too and won my own acting award!) so don't let her exterior actions drill into YOUR interior thoughts! 

2) Be the Lady 
          Remember, SHE'S the bitch. SHE'S the one who is wrong not you. You are not in anyway in the wrong so don't PUT yourself in the wrong by acting like one too. Be the Lady and show her what she is suppose to act like and don't be a bitch back. Oh I know its hard and sometimes you just want her a piece of your mind but she's embarrassing herself! No need for you to do the same!

3) Vent it Out

          I don't mean to the school paper! I make a note to myself to only tell a max. of 4 people or else I feel its more telling a story then actually venting how I feel. My amazing boyfriend, my sister (who WOULD bitch them out if I asked), one of my girlfriends, and my Mom. I trust them to not go spreading the story or manipulate it in anyway and I know they will always be on my side whether I'm right or not. 

4) Only Speak Truth

          This is a continuation of the last one but it needed its own special number. Imagine how stupid she is going to look if someone hears what she said or did to you. Now imagine how stupid YOU are going to look if anyone finds out she didn't actually do what you said she did. Remember the part of being the Lady? Ya Ladies don't spread rumours and gossip that's a Bitch's job leave it to them.

5) Don't Take Any BS

          With her telling me what to do, I made a point to put the script in her face and say "LOOK THIS IS WHERE IT IS" or "NO WHAT YOU SAID I WAS SUPPOSE TO SAY LIKE I SAID WASN'T MY LINE". Only I don't yell I look her right in the eye and speak extra clear and loud and bold to get across. I wish I went to the Director though because honestly the Director has the ultimate authority. Go to someone with power to really put an end to it but don't forget the Lady part. Be clear in what has happened and what you want resolved. Crying and gossiping isn't going to make anyone want to help you or believe you. 

6) Feel Sorry for Them

          Every time I look at her and just think, does she have any true friends cause honestly who could stand hanging out with someone like that for very long? I am just full of pity that she doesn't have the faintest clue how immature and bitchy she really is. Then I think, wow my life is just so good that she is trying to put any  little bit of rotten she can into it. And guess what? It doesn't work. Like can you imagine being her younger sister? *Shiver*

7) Don't EVER let it get Physical

          The moment they lay a finger on you or even threaten to, that can be charged as assault. Go straight to help she has no business what so ever touching a hair of yours. That's my line. She grabbed my arm forcefully (and ya it hurt) and I made sure a teacher knew and gave a few kinds words to her. That may not have seemed like that big of a deal to have gone to the teacher but if she thinks she can get away with that she will try to push her limits the next time.

Hopefully these tips helped you! 

Extra Reading.. 

I just texted the bf and told him how I just wrote this and he said something pretty funny. "I mean all girls have bitches in their life. Some girls have an unreal amount! And I've found that the majority of cases its because the girl has something that the bitches want." I said how I don't understand why they just don't try getting what they want on their own. He responded, "They try really hard to get it on their own but its something they can't change or achieve, so they take their frustration out on the girls that they're jealous of and seem like easy targets". I said back "its only an easy target if you respond which I never do so it just makes them look stupid and nasty and if I respond then it looks like they obviously had a purpose in the first place to have said that but they didn't so I don't respond". 


  1. I absolutely love Mean Girls!! I have watched it numerous times haha.
    I love that last tip of not getting physical because fighting never truly solves the problem (learned that with my sister haha)