Monday, May 6, 2013



I found my white tank top and the first thing I think to pair it with is my favourite floral sheer T-shirt! And as a bonus, its puplum..yes a dream made in fashion heaven. Any-who I thought it would be perfect for spring with the purple pastel colour! I paired it with my black and white polka dotted forever21 pencil skirt to add a nice pattern to the look which I just loved. I wore yet another floral print on my shoes but with bright colours to tie it in with the shirt. 

Here are some other ways to style a sheer top..
  1. Pair it with coloured pants and a white tank under it to accent the sheerness

2.  Pair it with a bandeau for a cool night; I like matching it best with short shorts! 
3. Lastly, pair a tight coloured tank top with a sheer tie front shirt for a chic look!

Hope these ideas have inspired you as they have inspired many outfits of mine! Keep the fashion wheel turning! Comment for your favourite sheer shirt pairing :)



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