Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back to the 80s


I got this shirt for only $12 at Giant Tiger can you believe it? I'm so excited to wear these pieces separate you have no idea. I bought it cheaply for my Drama class as we are doing a play based in the 80s and this shirt was deemed good enough to fit in the era. I love the sheer polka dots and the teal colour (yes I did get the colour on purpose but not just for my name but the colour is perfect!) and I matched it with brown stretch jeans and some canvas shoes I grabbed at Walmart a while ago.

Total Price of Outfit:
Sheer Top and Tank (GT): $12
Brown pants (Bluenotes): $15 (on sale at the time from $30)
Black Canvas shoes (Walmart): $10 (regular price also comes in white)

I think matching sheer tops to bright coloured bottoms to really bring out the playfulness of the outfit instead of simply accenting the sheer shirt. I wore basic shoes to really give it a comfy and laid back feel.

Hope you enjoyed! Comment what you think the best steal of the three were I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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