Sunday, May 12, 2013

Princess Peach

Before these jeans, I would have never thought to try coloured pants, it just seemed crazy and I had no ideas as to how to pull it off. I did a bit of research and found a few great tips on wearing your coloured jeans the best way you can!

1. Colour Block It!
Much like my outfit, add another bright coloured top to contrast it! The first outfit works well because it stays in the blue colour region and is accessorized with blue pieces also. The second outfit works well because the blocking is done with a cream coloured top and cranberry jeans. Both the pieces compliment each other. as they are both warm and yummy colours.

2. Add a Pattern
Adding coloured jeans to a pattern brightens the outfit up and makes the pattern really 'pop!'. The first outfit works well because the top's pattern has a more neutral colour and does not compete with the intense colour of the jeans. The second outfit works beautifully, as the jeans pick out a colour in the patterned shirt, tying the two together.

3. Add a Texture 
Adding another element pulls the outfit together and creates a new element of fun. The first outfit's textured flowers adds a fun and girlie feel to the jeans, making it a perfect match. The second outfit's feathers, thick belt and bracelet, unlike the first outfit, gives it a rough edge to the overall look, adding to the intense red jeans. 
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Hope you have benefited from these tips! I have to say my favourite tip is a tie between 'Add a Texture' a and 'Add a Pattern'! You got a tip to add? Comment your favourite outfit below!

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