Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday-Green eyes blue eyes Red eyes jk :)

so its beauty knowledge thursday and today i am showing some stuff on how to use neon eyeshadow. (fresh out of my seventeen magazine!!!). i dont exactly have neon colours so im going with what i have, being bright green and blue eye shadow. and yes i was joking about the red eye shadow :)  that would be wierd.. like pink eye.. or somethin..

so this is the 'open eyed' green eyes. i swiped the green shadow (mary kay fyi) over my entire eye lid and used as eye liner on my lower rim

this is better on blue eyes as it compliments the blue with the bright green

random toes!!! i painted my toe nails purple then added sparkles :)

blue neon coloured.. its a bit sparkly, i did the same method with the blue shadow such as covering the entire lid with blue then lining the bottom rim with blue too. it looks best on brown eyes (ie: me)

and here is the closed eye picture. and i just noticed this but it looks like im wearing fake eyelashes.. or something... well im not, it would have been cool if i was but im not.. sadly.. i save my long lashes for dances and such ;)

hope you know how to use neon colours now!! (its quite simple)