Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fashion Tuesday-new shoes

so over the march break, my family (only the girls though) took a mini vacation to the states but just to Watertown,NY. annddd... being me and hitting all the major shoe stores there, i picked up several shoes. so here they are and with a good reason to own a pair of them ;)

all my lovelies together :)

($9-target) These have been on the runways for awhile now. simple, basic, add it to anything and super trendy and cute. a must in any trendy ladies closet. it can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, tights, dresses.. the challenge is more so what you CAN'T wear them with!
($10-JCPenny) Three words. Cute, comfy and a trend that has yet to leave the runway and wont be leaving for a while. okay fine that wasn't exactly three words but you get the point. im telling you, these are super comfy! so simple and stylish it can (yet again) go with anything and all you have to do is slip your tootsies in them
($15-target) Its march and so the saying goes,
April showers,
bring may flowers.
im simply prepping for april! and they are floral so you CANT go wrong.
($25-target) as you can see I'm a size 7 1/2-8 in shoes. the basic most common shoe size. anyway, these may not be for everyone (cough my sister and mom cough) but if you really have been watching trends you are as excited as i was when i first laid eyes on them! neutral, buckled, and heeled and comfy??? yes thats why i grabbed them and put them directly in the cart.

 ($30-uh.. cant remember the store but they were everywhere) i love these colours. simply LOVE them. i never really had a pair of converse so when i saw them that was it for me, i HAD to have them. no questions asked. why? because they go with EV-RR-YY  THING!! you can look relaxed, one day trendy, and another day a total rebel. totally up to you. and thats why you need a pair.

 ($30-same unknown named store as converse) well, just putting this out there, but im doing track. and i heard somewhere you should get a new pair per season. i had my pink runners from last year but ill just use those for back-up. they were on sale, good make and purple :)
($25-same flipping place as converse and runners -_- i should really find that name..) so i do alot of stuff around the water such as slide attendance at the local pool and im training to be a life gaurd for the summer ( i have everything i need execpt the actual life gaurd course -_-) so i thought it would be a wise investment in these shoes. they also shape your feet and give excellent support. (my sister has flat feet and problems so we got her a pair to look cute and help her out).

so theres my new shoes. yes i have MANY more shoes. many thats what ill do next week. it will give me an excuse to go through them and get rid of the old ones and too small of sizes ;) hope you enjoy my comeback to the blog!

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