Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Double Wednesday-floral blouse

so for this double wednesday, i actually forgot to take a picture of the actual shirt. yes, i know. thats really lame. im sorry!!! i was doing this amazing photoshoot and it just slipped my mind. amazing photoshoot you say? why yes, its all there below. enjoy :)

so here is my first fail attempt at the photoshoot. well at least you get a good look at my outfit!! 
so here is the shirt. 16 bucks at walmart. go run! get one NOW!! anyway, i put a simple white tank underneath and added my butterfly bib necklace with my tribal coloured flats

yes. thats me jumping on my moms antique couch and perfectly framing the picture :) thats what i call An Amazing Photoshoot.
so i tucked the shirt into a  grey pencil skirt, added navy tights and my black oxford shoes and put my hair in a headband :)

failed attempt :)

front view

side view

 and over top/i-dont-think-they-got-the-idea-what-they-look-like  picture to add. 8 bucks on sale at target :)
oh i also added a necklace :) hope you liked my hard work at this An Amazing Photoshoot! and hope you thought it was amazing ;)