Friday, April 8, 2011

Casual Friday

Here is a little fact about me. i am an amazing procastinateR. apparently its not a word. well it is to me. because thats what i am. so anyway, the point to my rambling is the idea that i waste time and never have time for important stuff such as..well...blogging. so im sorry if you are reading this and noticed that the last blog was last thursday. Now lets get on with today.

Casual yet dressed up/going out/ dinner date/PRACTICALLY GOOD FOR EVERYTHING/ outfit.

i found it in an advertisment and simply HAAAADDDDDD to recreate it. i still get giddy just thinking about putting the scarf around my  neck, looking in the mirror, and thinking to myself, you got the outfit perfect. its just that magical feeling like thinking of your first kiss or cuddling with your dog. okay, maybe im just crazy.. what can i say?? i LOVE fashion and have loved it since i wore my red dress at the age of 4 outside in the rain because i refused to wear pants simply because it was too "cold".. and there i go rambling. just role the film.

k so maybe its not exact, but i AM planning on buying a tribal, bright coloured scarf.. and yes the skirt has a flower design. but you know what? it just makes my outfit that much better. :)                         

green military cropped sleeve jacket, beige printed skirt, patterned long scarf and biege military themed heels. yes, im for sure at the top of the runways. ;)



  1. Hello there, fellow Canadian! That is one sweet safari jacket.

  2. What a cute outfit. That military jacket looks so great paired with your skirt.


  3. Oooh, I just love tribal scarves:):) Lol, it's hard to find a good one here where we live though!