Friday, April 19, 2013

Not Without Minnie Mouse

This dress is perfect for transitioning from the drag Winter into Spring season with its dark base colour and detailed flowers. I threw a cardigan I found on sale at Walmart on top. I balanced out the outfit with off white canvas shoes also with a classic flower pattern. 

When I saw this little Minnie Mouse I knew it belonged on my bag and that was it.

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  1. Cute shoes! I have a very similar pair, except they're a rubbery kind of material. I love to wear them when it's raining. And very cute dress too!

    Thanks for your very long comment on my blog! I always get excited when I see long comments because I am very long-winded on other people's blogs, haha.

    I agree with your pros and cons. Having my mom, for example, take my pictures is sometimes faster because I don't have to be running back and forth to and from the camera. It must be so funny for the people around me to see that. Lol. Also, it's much easier to take detail shots of jewelry, bags, nails, etc. when someone else is taking the pictures. On the other hand, I have VERY specific ideas of what I want, and it's very hard to communicate that to my boyfriend, who doesn't follow any blogs so doesn't know what the "standard" shots should look like!

    I will be a much happier camper when I get a remote control for my camera, which is a Nikon D3000. It's a pretty good camera, although I seem to be having some issues right now with my lens. :/

    So glad you liked my post! :)