Friday, June 17, 2011

Year Book Day 4


farthest right flutist in the red box :)

that girl is my painting :)

me with my awesome hat

gradeeeeee 1111111...

Bishop Smith first ever concert band

my time to shine ;)

our 2010-2011 concert band :)

the back cover with a random hair brush.

so you probably figured it out. the oh so special thing of today is my year book :) i got it yesturday but i already had somethin to talk about and today was the day to get autographs and actually READ it. so im actually featured several times. and im quite proud. sorry for the late post. got home and was told im working from 4:30-11. and i had 20 min to do a chore and take these pictures. yup. fyi, work was fun :)

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