Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rompers for 2016 (Spring Trends)

Boring Intro you don't have to read:

Had a bit of the fashion bug recently and realized over the past few years while in school my fashion sense has changed a lot. I use to plan my outfits all out and try to come up with the most creative outfits and find new ways to wear things. But school has changed me. I use to buy cheap clothing so I could afford more, but I realize now that it is worth it to invest in key pieces and find that one 'wow' piece and let it shine. Also, studying business I have found it easier to find timeless pieces that can be worn and re-worn while also being multifunctional.

Thoughts on Key Clothing for Summer 2016: 

Here are some of the key trends I myself am looking forward to this summer and what is currently on my wishlist(s).

-Short Denim Overalls
-Shift Dresses

Current Items I have that I think you need:
-Long sleeve printed romper
-Khaki shorts
-cute strap up sandals
-tank top with cut out back (mine has a multiplity criss-cross backing)

Main Shabang about Rompers:

I've just got back from Jamaica (business course actually!) and I'll be carrying  a lot of the outfits I wore there over into the summer. My absolute favorite find? Old Navy's long-sleeve tie-front romper which I got on sale for $9!

 Currently on sale for $16 (XL only)
Me and the dear in my fab romper and sandals

Here are some other amazing printed rompers I've been looking at: 

1) I didn't know I needed a Black Romper till this second. Old Navy $39.94
2) Wrap romper would be fun! Urban Planet for $22
3) Drawstring with floral print Forever21 for $34.90
4) Off the shoulder textured romper (I kinda need one) at Garage for $44.95

       Print Wrap Front Romper

     Cold Shoulder Romper With Trim

Here's the links to search store yourself for rompers (Don't worry I got you): 

Old Navy
Urban Planet

Other trends I've found you might be interested in (but I am terribly not too into):

  • Military Rompers 
    • Wait what? Basically just more structured, army coloured romper with lots of pockets
  • Cut out
    • I haven't found any 'classy' rompers with cut outs that I seem to like
  • Fringe
    • Can't say I'm a fan whether it's on the arms, around the legs, neckline or tassels hanging down, I think it just gets it in the way 
  • Embroidered pleasant design
    • just too fancy for me. I like wearing mine in a laid back way.
Here are some ways to dress  up your romper:
  • Pretty Hats
    • Baseball hats (when I get a black romper this will be perfect)
      • wear it backwards with converse for some serious style points!
    • Big Floppy hats (for somewhere hot) 
    • Straw boater hat (not a fan)
  • Nice Shoes 
    • Heels (shown in all the outfits below)
    • Sandals (lllooooovveeee this)

tropical romper, blush boutique romper, blush boutique, h&m hat, black wedges, boho jewelry, vacation outfit, summer outfit

Non-heels (my pic also at the top):

blue floral romper

Hope you got the dose of rompers today!

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