Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sick :(

If you recall from my previous posts, I did half of my life guarding course this past weekend and I caught something from it. A cold. Ya know, the running, clogged, non-breathable nose that doesn't seem to stop. I finally noticed I was sick in math class while I was in the middle of our daily quiz, and I feel something hanging out of my nose. My hand clasped my nose, I looked frantically at the teacher, and he pointed at the door. 
I do deserve it. We went from extreme cold pool with diving, saving lives, and removals, to extremely hot hot-tub  roughly 4-5 times that weekend. 
Always! You could never tell I was sniffling in this picture, however, I thought I already updated the blog and checked to find out that I didn't, and then blaming the cold. Oh well.
See if I can fall asleep...


Monday, September 12, 2011

NOW the homework starts..

I think I had TOO much fun taking this shoot. we took it at the bus stop with my sister and it was my gosh a blast. I have my camera timed so we both had some pics together and I know exactly when to jump :) I straightened my hair, and somewhat remained straight for the day. My mother got another bazzilion bags from her friends and I found these jeans that happened to be a tad too short, so i rolled them up instead and added my new joe fresh style shirt as well as another piece from the bags, this cardigan. This cardigan came in the nick of time, for my other over sized favorite one got recoloured with the painted dress I wore the other day and completely ruined it :( Well thats enough talking on my part, whats your favorite coloured cardigan?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This swimming course for being a Lifeguard is KILLING me. My legs STILL feel like jello 2 hours later. We were 'rescuing' drowning victims and having to carry them back. And not once, but several times.  It was the last thing of the day, which sucked because we had all class work due to the pool being too acid-y in the morning and having to do all the book work in the morning. 
Well.. ANYWAYS. I wore this outfit on Friday ( wore sweats and sweaters all weekend all thanks to the cold mornings and swimming suits. It took me FOREVER to find a dress that I wanted for this look. I have lots of dresses, don't get me wrong, but they are all formal silk, strapless dresses. This dress I wore to a semi formal last year, but I thought it looked amazing with the cardigan and looked great for school. My mom thought otherwise. "WHY THE FRIG ARE YOU WEARING YOUR NICE DRESS??" 
"cause I can?"..
French presentations tomorrow... -_- lets see how well this goes...


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy Bee

Gosh the first week of school just blasted by. Intense homework, serious teachers, and grades that are going to count. This doesn't include the excessive piano practices, lifeguard course, and my driver's test sneaking up sure wasn't what I was expecting. And I'm on the job hunt, so fit all THAT onto a calendar. But, I'm not complaining (I was simply stating what I am doing), I really enjoy the non stop fun.
 I'm doing this lifeguard course this week end and the 2nd last weekend of the month. Tomorrow we are retrieving the 10pd brick from the bottom of the deep end. I've been panicking, but I'm trying, desperately trying, to remain calm; and forget my fear of the deep, under water with no air, bottom of the pool. If I don't succeed, I fail and waste $200 of my moms money. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Second Day of Grade 12

Better than yesterday, but still horrible. Music class was a blur of playing and theory, and french I think I blanked out for most of it. I learned a great lesson involving wearing socks with these shoes; for they hurt without them. I also learned that ditches are a great place for photo-shoots sadly. Piano lessons are in less than 10 minutes and I got math questions to do. God I miss summer vacation.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Weekend/First Day of School

Hope you all had an AMAZING Labor Day weekend, because I sure did. My folks told me how we were on this boring weekend to a family reunion after a boring birthday party. Ends up the party was the best ever, I can't wait for the next family reunion, anddd... the hotel we stayed at didn't have internet. And they didn't tell me this til after we were half way there. 
So I also had my first day of school, and it ends up I have a class with one teacher I'm not very fond with, along with 30+ other kids; and my ex. Great. I muttered a few unintelligible words under my breath when he walked in. Lets see how tomorrow goes when we get assigned seats.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Back 2 School Outfit

So the outfit I picked from my September outfit board is..


This can be found in the newest edition of Seventeen Magazine page 177. I had a few problems recreating this look. Biggest being the fact that I don't have ANY of these things. I have a floral blouse (below), and an oxford, but no amazing floral shirt. I also don't have light denim capris. Let alone, light jeans. I also don't studded shoes (on my list to get), or a hair thingy like hers (also on the list). And lastly, I sadly don't have any friendship bracelets that would look amazing with this outfit. :(

But I stuck it out anyway.

 And used gold accessories instead as well as my long time no see tribal flats.

Nailed it. :)

(reason why it took so long for the new post)


 So, this one was one I thought would be very chic for the first day back. However, I don't have an amazing black shirt dress so I tried to add a black shirt to my LBD, with no success for it looked WAYY over the top.


So this was a super cute pick. Great for giving off a relaxed, chill, feeling. Wish my school wasn't so strict for dress code and not allowing short shorts. ;)

For my first attempt, I tried it with my purple floral short shorts.
My second attempt was with my beige skort.

(The one I went with)

Basic T, Basic skirt tucked in, and a brown belt. 
Easy. Cute. Chic. Perfect.