Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Shoes :)

Shoes for Today

Beaded white tank, Sheer pink quarter sleeve, plaid skirt, floral necklace and grey flat oxfords

Walmart Shoe Shoppin' Spree!!

Military Essential

Pointed Toe Taupe Heel

Blush almond Toe Heel

Tribal Strap Flats

Brown Basic Moccasins

basic black flats

floral print flats

grey flat oxford (freatured above)

Favorite new LipGloss!!!!

smells and tastes like grapefruit :)

                  So i went on a shopping spree @ walmart and bought a TON of shoes :) you know when your addicted when.... I also got this amazing lipgloss that tastes like grapefruit!! My favorite! i wore it @ work and people thought i was crazy lickin' my lips the whole time! my Nana is coming on the 1st so i cant wait for you to meet her! see you soon,


Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Quit 30 for 30 -_-

bandeau, cotton shirt, red belt and new fav  dark skinnys

My Nana's necklace she gave to me

see?? the red DOES go with the shirt :)

crazy face with my hair in pony

horrible shot of trying to show you

official newspaper bag

with the official papers

So, last time i did the 30 for 30 challenge, i got 5-6 days going. This time I went a total of 9-10 times. So I made a T chart to see how long it would take to actually GET the 30 outfits done with my timely process. Ends up roughly 6 seasons. Year and a half. On a better note, I will be my next door neighbor's new cover for his newspaper route. (as you can see above with my bag and lovely information papers) I also ordered in my seventeen Magazine new book, and it hasn't come in.. :( well, i have found my camera, (reason as to why i have not been posting.. and im just lazy..) ends up it was safely in my purse the whole time :)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yes, I'm back in school -_- Day 9

 So summer school has begun. Its a long boring story of how it happened ( and no i didnt fail any courses) and im not happy. This might explain the unhappy and arms crossed photo shown above. Hey on another note, you like all the bling? i thought id change it up :)


Spider Man needs to take a bath - Day 8

 Well this was a day late. sorry for that. I had all the pictures on here and ready to type when i got this feeling i finished it and i abandoned. so this was the last  day with my dear extended family (but the kid is my brother who happened to be around when i was taking the shots). it was a sad day, but im hoping to be making a trip up there at the end of the summer once i get my g2 and do some serious shopping with all the 'end of summer/start of fall' sales. I will be posting later today what i wore today ;) yes im just that 'together'.

ps. the whole spidey needs to take a shower is because i wore this yesturday and didnt even realize it til i was already half way through my day. and no, he still isnt washed yet.. ill get on that..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite CD :) Day 7

Wow. I have got this far. I don't I got this far last time. Or maybe I did. Oh well. So Today I bought the CD i have been waiting and listenin to Youtube to for the last little bit. "When the Sun Goes Down" By Selena Gomez. LOOOOOOVE it :) If you enjoy some girlie pop, shes for ya. Some hits from the album include "Who Says" and "Love you like a Love Song" as well as " Bang Bang Bang" and Brittany Spears cowrote "Whiplash" and Katy Perry co wrote (even though i hate it) " Thats more like it" and she also featured Pixie Lott in there song "We own the Night" but there is a WAYY better song on youtube. ANYWAY. Hope you enjoyed your long National Bd weekend :) Love you Canada :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Punishment Day 6

So for punishment, my parents made me stay at my aunt and uncles. well, enjoy the start of summer!!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 5 - @ My Aunts and Uncles

so as you can see, these arem't my normal backdrops. so my family for the Canada Day, have gone to bug my Great Aunt and Uncle for the weekend . So my suitcase consisted of some of the clothing i remembered to grab some peices from what i wore the past few outfits. So this day, I got my smurf shirt to add to the collection along with my ripped jeans and  my favorite tribal beige flats. So i don't know if you knew this, I have mentioned this before, but I am the oldest of 6, and the pictures above show several of them hangin out in the backyard. So enjoy the Canadian weekend for its our BD :)