Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sick :(

If you recall from my previous posts, I did half of my life guarding course this past weekend and I caught something from it. A cold. Ya know, the running, clogged, non-breathable nose that doesn't seem to stop. I finally noticed I was sick in math class while I was in the middle of our daily quiz, and I feel something hanging out of my nose. My hand clasped my nose, I looked frantically at the teacher, and he pointed at the door. 
I do deserve it. We went from extreme cold pool with diving, saving lives, and removals, to extremely hot hot-tub  roughly 4-5 times that weekend. 
Always! You could never tell I was sniffling in this picture, however, I thought I already updated the blog and checked to find out that I didn't, and then blaming the cold. Oh well.
See if I can fall asleep...


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