Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day in the Brain Storm

Inspiration Outfit for today:

(from Seventeen Magazine August Issue Page 62)

 I used this tent toy from my childhood as a prop. I thought it would be a good analogy, for when you camp, you try new things and discover a new part of you, as I will and hope to as I complete this mission of mine.

 Sweater: Can be currently bought at Zellers for $7
Skirt: Old Navy, was $12
Heels: Walmart for $9
Vest: Sears, Xmas gift from my Aunt and Uncle several years back
Scarf: Can be currently bought at.. Dollarama. HEY its NICE.

Hair is in a low pony with strands bobby pinned back.
 Earrings: On Sale at Walmart for $2.50.
Used Rimmel 'Stir It Up' eyeshadow creating a smokey eye, (rubbed off for the shoot)

 (see last post for board)

This is the post it for the outfit. (sorry for the blurry picture)

maa calendar.
 my secret little fold technique for the days outfit post :)

So I have almost narrowed down my first day back at school outfit. pics tomorrow. :)


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